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Soft Plastic Baits and Lures

Soft Plastic lures designed to look and feel realistic and immitate natural food or create a reaction and commotion

Soft Plastic Baits and Lures There are 4 products.


  • Bellows Kurper Profile...

    Bellows Kurper Profile Soft Plastic Baits

    Designed with soft “v” shaped ribs to give bulk and movement to this Kurper profile bait, we also added a solid core to hold your hook better when rigging and longevity of the bait and then tapers to the tail section to give it action on the drop or retrieve. We’ve also added a little tail to give it the best possible profile of our African baitfish.

  • Leach Profile Soft...

    Leach Profile Soft Plastic Baits

    Shaped like a Water Leach

    Candy for Large Moth Bass

    CRACK COCAINE when fished NED RIG Style for Small Moth Bass.

    Also Deadly Effective in the Drop Shot Rig

    Comes in both Floating and Sinking Variants

  • Flukes and Jerk Minnows

    Flukes, Jerk Minnows, Floozies, Frisky Shads.....Find them here....

  • Swimbaits, Paddle...

    SwimBaits, Paddle Tails and Boot Tails Swimbaits produce high life like vibrations in the water, attracting the strike. A great natural fish immitation

  • Senkos and Stick Baits

    Senkos and Stick Baits are long thin to medium thickness baits which immitate minnows and worms in the water, a highly effective bait in Southern African waters

  • Craws and Chunks

    The perfect jig trailer to the ultimate irratation bait . 

  • Creature Baits

    Creature Baits such as The Zoom Brush Hog are great baits to fish on a Carolina or a Texas rig

  • Worms and Grubs

    Worms and Grubs from 2" grubs to 12" monster worms to pull out big bass, these produce a very life like action and high vibration. A great type of bait to catch bass

  • Chip Worms

    Chip Worms

    For that Finesse Presentation when the bass have lock-jaw!

  • Lizards

    Lizzards are life like soft plastic lures that immitate lizzards in the water

  • Topwater Frogs

    Topwater Frogs such as the Zoom Horny Toad can be fished over extremely heavy cover with a springlock hook, throw it over the thickest slop and watch those bass smash it through the grass

  • Twin Tail Grubs

    Twin Tail grubs can be fished on a jig head, as a spinnerbait or jig trailer or hooked texas style

  • Pre-Rigged Plastics

    Pre- Rigged Plastics 

    all the greats Pre Rigged and ease of use 

  • Trick Worms

    Trick worms are long, thin floating worms designed to immitate live worms.

  • Finesse Worms

    Finesse Worms are long, thin worms designed to immitate live worms and other food for fish

  • Speed Worms

    Speed Worms 

    Speed Worms feature Long Slender Bodies, but with a "Flat" or "Paddle" tail which "Flutters" and "Vibrates" triggering interest and inducing reactionbites from bass.

  • Tube Baits

    Tube Baits

    The one lure overlooked the most by bass fisherman is the tube bait.

    Whether Flipped or Pitched into cover on a texas rig or twitched and hopperd on a jig head over rock pile.......


  • Assorted Starter Pack...

    Cull-em Starter Pack 10pk

    Cant choose what baits to use Cull-em Starter Pack is a good way to start with 4 differnt kinds of plastic lures 

    These are easy to rig and come in a range of colours

    2x Flounder 5" 

    2x Lizard 7"

    3x Baby Bush Pig 4.5"

    3x D-Ringer 6"

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items