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Soft Plastic Baits and Lures

Soft Plastic lures designed to look and feel realistic and immitate natural food or create a reaction and commotion

Soft Plastic Baits and Lures There are no products in this category.


  • Flukes and Jerk Minnows

    Flukes, Jerk Minnows, Floozies, Frisky Shads.....Find them here....

  • Swimbaits, Paddle...

    SwimBaits, Paddle Tails and Boot Tails Swimbaits produce high life like vibrations in the water, attracting the strike. A great natural fish immitation

  • Senkos and Stick Baits

    Senkos and Stick Baits are long thin to medium thickness baits which immitate minnows and worms in the water, a highly effective bait in Southern African waters

  • Craws and Chunks

    The perfect jig trailer to the ultimate irratation bait . 

  • Creature Baits

    Creature Baits such as The Zoom Brush Hog are great baits to fish on a Carolina or a Texas rig

  • Worms and Grubs

    Worms and Grubs from 2" grubs to 12" monster worms to pull out big bass, these produce a very life like action and high vibration. A great type of bait to catch bass

  • Chip Worms

    Chip Worms

    For that Finesse Presentation when the bass have lock-jaw!

  • Lizards

    Lizzards are life like soft plastic lures that immitate lizzards in the water

  • Topwater Frogs

    Topwater Frogs such as the Zoom Horny Toad can be fished over extremely heavy cover with a springlock hook, throw it over the thickest slop and watch those bass smash it through the grass

  • Twin Tail Grubs

    Twin Tail grubs can be fished on a jig head, as a spinnerbait or jig trailer or hooked texas style

  • Pre-Rigged Plastics

    Pre- Rigged Plastics 

    all the greats Pre Rigged and ease of use 

  • Trick Worms

    Trick worms are long, thin floating worms designed to immitate live worms.

  • Finesse Worms

    Finesse Worms are long, thin worms designed to immitate live worms and other food for fish

  • Speed Worms

    Speed Worms 

    Speed Worms feature Long Slender Bodies, but with a "Flat" or "Paddle" tail which "Flutters" and "Vibrates" triggering interest and inducing reactionbites from bass.

  • Tube Baits

    Tube Baits

    The one lure overlooked the most by bass fisherman is the tube bait.

    Whether Flipped or Pitched into cover on a texas rig or twitched and hopperd on a jig head over rock pile.......


  • Assorted Starter Pack...

    Cull-em Starter Pack 10pk

    Cant choose what baits to use Cull-em Starter Pack is a good way to start with 4 differnt kinds of plastic lures 

    These are easy to rig and come in a range of colours

    2x Flounder 5" 

    2x Lizard 7"

    3x Baby Bush Pig 4.5"

    3x D-Ringer 6"