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Lowrance LSS-2 455-800 khz StructureScan HD Transducer



Lowrance LSS-2 455-800 khz StructureScan HD Skimmer Transducer

Enables StructureScan on Lowrance HDS Gen2 (With Additional StructureScan Processor), HDS Gen2 Touch and HDS Gen3 Multi Function Display Units

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Lowrance LSS-2 455-800 khz StructureScan HD Skimmer Transducer

Enables "StructureScan" on Lowrance HDS Gen2 (With Additional StructureScan Processor), HDS Gen2 Touch and HDS Gen3 Multi Function Display Units.

Requires Lowrance StructureScan Processor Part # 10800-001 on Lowrance HDS Gen2 Systems

Power 500 W (4000 W p-p) 

Down-Scan & Dual Hybrid Imaging Range: </= 105 m / 350 ft.

SideScan Range:  183 m / 600 ft

Enables "Down - Scan", "Hybrid Dual Imaging, "SideScan" and "StructureMap" features on Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch and HDS Gen3 Multi Function Dispay Units.

Compatible With: Lowrance All HDS Series, All Elite HDI or Elite CHIRP Series.


Transom Mount

Skimmer type transducer.

20 ft cable.

Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket and Fasteners (Part # 10874-001) included.

StructureScan® HD Features

Experience the Lowrance StructureScan® HD sonar imaging system: the next generation of the world's only three-channel sonar imaging with picture-perfect views. It's packed with best-in-class features that work together to deliver truly uncompromised photo-like images of the underwater world.

Wider SideScan Imaging Range

Crisp side-viewing detail, with extended 600 ft/183 m side-to-side coverage, provides wider scan, saving you time in finding productive locations. Reveals targets at farther distances, and with higher resolution – structure, game fish and baitfish alike. Remarkable shallow-water performance like no other.


Greater Resolution – 

Higher-Res DownScan Imaging™

Our dedicated sounding focused vertically beneath the boat now delivers even higher definition to further remove all guesswork in finding and marking structure, game fish, baitfish and thermoclines.


The Whole Picture

Super convenient display options. Enjoy full, detailed, panoramic underwater displays with exclusive Lowrance DownScan Imaging, plus SideScan sounding, for a complete view of structure and fish, with greater detail and wider coverage.


StructureMap™ Imaging – HDS® Gen2 & Gen3

HDS® Gen2 & Gen 3 enables the new StructureMap™ option for a fantastic positional awareness about where and how big the targets and structure are located in relation to where you are in the boat.

Create Your View – With StructureScan® HD and the StructureMap™ feature of HDS® Gen2, anglers and boaters enjoy real-time views of high-resolution underwater imagery of structure, fish and bottom contours overlayed on your map.

Save Your View – The Saved Mode of the new StructureMap™ feature of HDS® Gen2 with StructureScan® HD allows anglers and boaters to overlay maps with high-definition underwater imagery created from StructureScan sonar logs, giving you a complete and detailed underwater view all around your boat.

Broadband Sounder™

Advanced, award-winning HDS digital sonar technology unites with StructureScan® HD soundings for an all-new, combined view of structure and fish detail that's easier to interpret.


Detailed Navigation Guidance

HDS with built-in Insight USA™, Lake or Nautic Insight HD or Insight PRO™ or any compatible high-detail mapping option, plus StructureScan® HD imaging presents the best total on-the-water picture to enhance discovery success, above and below the surface. Navionics® Platinum+ charts used in the examples shown with User Community Content and Photo Overlay in 3D mode with StructureMap™ and StructureScan® HD views.


Pick Your Color

Select from a wide array of display color choices for the best viewing for water conditions and personal preference.

Synchronized Trackback™ Tool

Simultaneous scroll-back in all imaging, sonar and chartplotter history displays is a time- and fuel-saving way to revisit covered water and easily set waypoints. When networked with other HDS displays, waypoints set are automatically posted to all display units.

Incredible DownScan Overlay™ Advantage

Exclusive technology overlays DownScan Imaging™ onto Broadband Sounder™ sonar display for one view that separates and clearly exposes fish targets from surrounding structure. Overlay transparency and color palettes fully adjustable.

Multi-Window Displays

Independent dual views of overlay options such as StructureMap™, Broadband 4G™ Radar, Sirius® Weather, SonicHub® audio entertainment system and more.