Off Set Round Bend Worm Hooks


Off Set Round Bend Worm Hooks

Off Set Round Bend Worm Hooks and J Hooks are perfect for finesse and trick worms and other soft plastic baits

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  • Gamakatsu Worm Offset...

    Worm Hooks, Offset Shank, Round Bend

    Gamakatsu's standard offset shank hook with a round bend for a larger bite area. Perfect for Carolina rigging, or any time you need a stealthy presentation.

    Eye Forged Barb

  • Lazer TroKar...

    Lazer's TroKar Heavy-Duty Round Bend Non-Offset Worm Hook

    Type TK100

    Product Description

    Tested and proven by tournament pros, Lazer's TroKar Round Bend Worm Hook comes surgically sharpened to penetrate with half the pressure of other hooks, turning more bites into hook-ups.

    Light Wire Guage Hook

  • VMC 8313 BN Vanadium...

    VMC 8313 BN  Vanadium Bass Finesse Round Bend Hooks

    This is VMC standard offset round bend worm hook. Ideal for Carolina rigging while combined with VMC® premium tungsten weights.

    • 1X Strong
    • Z-Lock
    • Forged
    • Vanadium® Steel
    • Cone Cut® Point
    • Sizes 1/0; 2/0; 3/0; 4/0; 5/0