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Starter Packs

Starter Packs 

The best ways to begin your fishing adventures 

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  • Cull-em Starter Pack 10pk

    Cull-em Starter Pack 10pk

    Cant choose what baits to use Cull-em Starter Pack is a good way to start with 4 differnt kinds of plastic lures 

    These are easy to rig and come in a range of colours

    2x Flounder 5" 

    2x Lizard 7"

    3x Baby Bush Pig 5"

    3x D-Ringer 5"

  • Damiki Bass Starter...

    Damiki Bass Starter Kit 54pc

    The Damiki Bass Starter Kit has all the essentials to get you on the water without breaking the bank.
    A selection of plastics in the three most popular colours, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Seed, and Junebug.
    The selection includes three of each of the following in all three colours; Mr Jumbo grubs, 4” Lunkers and Armor Shads.
    Junebug - 3x Armour Shad 3x Lunker 3x Mr. Jumbo
    Watermelon Seed - 3x Armour Shad 3x Lunker 3x Mr. Jumbo
    Watermelon Candy- 3x Armour Shad 3x Lunker 3x Mr. Jumbo
    There are 6 bullet weights and mojo weights together with Wide Gap and Standard Offset hooks to use with the plastics.
    Wide Gap - 6x 3/0 
    Standard Offset - 6x 2/0
    Worm Weight - 6x 1/8oz
    Mojo Weight - 6x 1/8oz
    A shallow running jerk bait, medium running lure and popper complete the Starter Kit.
    Pirami 70 - Shallow Running Jerkbait
    Saemi 90 - Medium Running Jerkbait
    Milo 60 - Topwater Popper 
  • Elbe Bass Starter Set...

    Elbe Bass Starter Set 36pc

    36pce Starter Kit Ideal for beginner bass anglers.
    Includes -
    1x Grub Spinner 
    1x Inline Spinner 
    2x  Green Splashing Frog
    2x Yellow Splashig Frog
    3x Grub Junebug
    3x Grub Watermelon Seed
    3x Lizard Junebug
    3x Lizard Watermelon Sedd
    3x Flounder Junebug
    3x Flounder Watermelon Seed
    6x Wide Gap 3/0
    6x Worm Weight 1/4oz
    all the essentials to get you fishing without putting a dent in your pocket!
  • Cullem Value Series A...

    Cullem Value Series

    A Great Place To Start