Weedless and Weedless Wacky Fishing Hooks


Weedless and Weedless Wacky Fishing Hooks

Weedless Hooks feature "Weed Guards" which facilitate "Snag Free" presentations giving the angler the confidence to fish heavy cover without fear of repetitive hang ups.

Weedless and Weedless Wacky Fishing Hooks There are no products in this category.


  • Eagle Claw KAHLE...

    Eagle Claw Kahle Wide Gap Weedless Fishing Hooks





    Plain Shank

    Weed Guard / Weedless

    Sizes 3/0 ; 4/0 ; 5/0 ; 6/0

  • Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky...

    Wicked Wacky

    The new standard in wacky hook designs. Built on Gamakatsu proven Shiner hook, the Wicked Wacky features a durable hand tied weed guard that provides anglers the confidence to throw their wacky rig in and around heavy cover. In addition the Wicked Wacky takes the power drop shot to a new level. Gamakatsu designed an innovative hollow tube, hand tied on the shank. Simply run the tag end of your line through the tube, tie on your weight, and pitch into the heaviest cover for a whole new power drop shot presentation.

    Eye Forged Barb

  • VMC Wacky Weedless...


    The Wacky Weedless sports a finesse hook with a wire weed guard that lays into the hook, allowing the bait and hook to seamlessly swim through vegetation. Turned down, resin closed eye positions the bait properly for maximum action and no slip-offs.