Replacement Spinnerbait Skirts & Trailers


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Replacement Spinnerbait Skirts & Trailers

Replacement Skirts and Trailers

Replacement Spinnerbait, Chatterbait anfd Jig Skirts / Trailers are available here, customise and replace old skirts or try new colours and add you favourite trailers

Replacement Spinnerbait Skirts & Trailers There are 52 products.


  • Z-Man Split-Tail...
    Split-Tail TrailerZ™
    Our ElaZtech® TrailerZ™ are the toughest, most lifelike moving-bait accessories on the planet, period! They'll stand up to the harshest conditions and countless fish catches, keeping you casting instead of digging through your tackle box for another trailer!
    • 10X tough ElaZtech construction
    • 4 inch length
    • 10 baits per pack
  • Zoom Split Tail Trailers
    Added to a spinnerbait or a vibrating jig, the Zoom Split Tail Trailer adds a bit of extra action with a dash of matching or contrasting color. It provides bulk, too, for days when bass are short-striking and need an extra incentive to commit to the whole package.
  • Strike King Perfect...

    Strike King Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails

    The Strike King Perfect Skirts are spinnerbait/buzzbait replacement or enhancement skirts.

    The most conventional use of this product is to replace a torn up spinnerbait skirt, a problem that's never bad to have, that is unless you have no replacements readily available. It's always good to have a few on hand in case your bite really heats up.

    Another thing to consider is the ability to customize any spinnerbait or buzzbait. These skirts are ideal for enhancing a spinnerbait to suit the current conditions and offer bass a slightly different presentation than other anglers; so mix and match to dial in on the bass.

    Features and Benefits

    • - Suitable for freshwater fishing
    • - Skirt expands for optimal action
    • - Magic Tails® flow with the colors of the bait to help attract bites
    • - The "Magic Tails" flow with the colors of the bait and eliminate the need for a trailer.Eliminates the need for a trailer

    The Strike King Perfect Skirts come two per package.

  • Z-Man EZ Skirts

    Z-Man EZ Skirt Quick Changer Jig, Chatterbait and Spinnerbait Skirts.

    Z-Man's patented EZ Skirt is used by many top lure companies and features a solid hub design that offers a snug, compression fit on most spinnerbaits and jigs available today.

  • Strike King Solid...

    Strike King Solid Silicone Skirts

    The Strike King Skirts are spinnerbait/buzzbait replacement or enhancement skirts.

    33- Vibrant Diamond Dust® and HOT SOLID Silicone skirts with fish-attracting appeal.

    Features and Benefits

    • - Suitable for freshwater fishing
    • - Skirt expands for optimal action

    The Strike King solid silicone Skirts come three per package.

  • BASSCOZA Replacement...

    BASSCOZA (World of Fishing House Brand) 

    Silicone Rubber Skirts

    For Replacement and / or Enhancement of Your Jigs, Spinnerbaits and Buzz Baits

  • Itty's Secrets Baits...

    Itty's Secrets Baits Wildthing Hitchhiker Trailer 3"

    At last, the Signature Creature Bait from Zimbabwe Legend Itty Nolli is available "off the shelf"...

    Time to use the wild thing to its full potential with the Hitchhicker trailler 

    Inserts into the Tube area of the Original Wildthing but can be adapted into any tube bait 

    Featuring Itty Nolli's Special Soft Plastic

    Every Competitive Bass Angler knows......No Bass can resist the Wildthing so with the hitchhicker make this the bait bass chase ...

  • Hillbilly Poisen...

    Hillbilly Poisen Replacement Jig Skirts

    A Pack of THREE High Quality 50 Strand Silicone Rubber Skirts.

    Supplied with Silicone Rubber Ring Collars

    Available in 12 Exciting Colours. 

  • Z-Man EZ Skirt Finesse...

    Z-Man EZ Skirt Finesse Spider Cut Replacement Jig Skirts

    • Solid hub design for precise color schemes and easy skirt removal and assembly
    • Spider cut finesse profile is ideal for finesse presentations
    • Replace worn skirts, make quick color changes, or economically create your own finesse jigs
    • 2.75" length, 3 skirts per pack
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Showing 1 - 24 of 52 items