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Baitcaster Rods

The best baitcaster and Crankbait Fishing Rods on the market are all available here

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  • Shimano Curado...

    Shimano Curado Casting Rods

    Shimano's new, tournament-quality, Curado rods feature a mixture of versatile and technique-specific actions, covering the spectrum of techniques for hardcore bass anglers. Light and sensitive Hybrid High Modulus UD Carbon with Nanoresin blanks, high-quality cork grips and FUJI components throughout. FUJI tangle free Alconite guides and matte rubberized, soft touch coated FUJI reel seats mean Curado rods are loaded with high-end features for high-end performance.

  • Abu Garcia Fantasista...
    • Tetra axial carbon construction provides an increase in strength and durability
    • Fuji® Titanium frame guides with alconite inserts
    • High density EVA gives greater sensitivity and durability
    • Micro Guide system
    • Limited 5 year warranty 

    Introducing the Fantasista™ Regista™ line of casting rods from Abu Garcia – the ULTIMATE combination of sensitivity, balance and power. Each fishing rod is constructed from super high modulus graphite utilizing Tetra axial carbon construction. This process provides incredible strength and sensitivity in a lightweight design. Fuji® Titanium frame micro guides featuring alconite inserts and high density EVA grips round out the list of premium components featured in this fishing rod. When only the best will do, the Fantasista™ Regista™ series delivers uncompromising performance. Backed by a limited 5 year warranty.

  • Shimano Crucial C4S HM...

    This series is where you will find the perfect action rods for just about every bass technique known. These rods come with an C4S-HM Blank, Fuji Alconite Guides, and new Custom Shimano reel seats. Total performance and comfort is what is to be expected with Crucial.


    AND.................THEY ARE GREEN!

  • Abu Garcia Villain 2.0...
    • 40 Ton graphite for a lightweight balanced design and increased sensitivity
    • V Wrap™ carbon construction provides an increase in strength and durability
    • Fuji® reel seat for greater comfort
    • Titanium alloy guides with ultra light Zirconium inserts allow for a lightweight balanced rod

    Superior construction, ultimate sensitivity and first-rate components; the new Villain™ 2.0 series of casting rods gives serious anglers an edge.  It starts with our premium 40 Ton high modulus graphite blanks.  For added strength, we utilize our carbon V-wrap™ process that adds a distinctive look while increasing strength.  Strong titanium frame micro guides ensure excellent performance and balance.  The addition of high quality Fuji® reel seats rounds out the list of pro features on this well refined, lightweight fishing rod series. 

  • Abu Garcia VILLAIN...

    Abu Garcia VILLAIN Series Baitcaster Rods

    40 ton Graphite for Lightweight Balanced Design & Increased Sensitivity

    LRC Low Resin Content Blank Technology provides a lighter rod without sacrificing durability

    Titanium Alloy Guides ith Ti Inserts allow for a Super Lightweight Guide giving the Ultimate in Rod Performance

    C6 Total Exposure Reel Seat gives complete contact to the Blank for ultimarte Rod Sensitivity.

    High Density EVA Split Grip Rod Handle Grips for greater sensitivity & Durability

    Carbon Wrapped Guides reduces weight.

    Texas Rigged Hook Keeper

  • Abu Garcia VERACITY...

    Abu Garcia VERACITY Bait Casting Rods

    • 36 Ton graphite with NanoTechnology for decreased weight and increased impact resistance
    • Titanium alloy guides with Ti inserts allow for a super lightweight guide giving the ultimate in rod performance
    • High density EVA gives greater sensitivity and durability
    • Micro Guide system provides improved balance and sensitivity
    • Texas rigged hook keeper for all bait applications
    Exceptional sensitivity in a lightweight, balanced package engineered for today’s serious angler. Constructed from 36 Ton graphite with Nano Technology, the Veracity series of rods delivers the perfect combination of sensitivity and impact resistance. The addition of titanium alloy micro guides promotes a balanced feel and improved sensitivity for all- day comfort and performance.
  • Abu Garcia VERITAS...


    • 30 Ton graphite for a lightweight balanced design
    • Spiral Carbon Core Construction provides an increase in break strength of the rod
    • Titanium alloy guides with SiC inserts allow for a lightweight balanced rod
    • Abu designed extreme exposure reel seat for increased blank contact and sensitivity
    • Micro click reel seat hood design allows for improved reel fit
    • High density EVA gives greater sensitivity and durability
    • Texas rigged hook keeper for all bait applications
    • Limited 3 year warranty 

    Welcome to the next level. The updated Veritas® series continues the tradition of lightweight design and superior sensitivity with a renewed focus on strength. By developing a Spiral Core Construction process with our 30 Ton graphite blanks, our engineers were able to significantly improve break strength without increasing weight. Overall break strength improved an average of 22% while tip strength increased by over 30%. The result is uncompromising strength and sensitivity in a lightweight, balanced design. The Micro click reel hood design combines functionality and style, ensuring a solid connection.

  • Abu Garcia VENGEANCE 2...

    Abu Garcia VENGEANCE 2 Baitcasting Rods

    Satisfying the elements of a rod design can be complex, balancing the perfect weight to action, matching the appropriate components to a technique, every detail accounted for to create the optimal performance.  The Vengeance™ is a balance of function and design, ergonomically appealing and performance enhancing. Combining 24 Ton graphite with the latest components and technologies, the Vengeance gives you the best value and performance at an economical price.

  • Berkley CHERRYWOOD HD...

    Berkley CHERRYWOOD HD Baitcasting Rods

    A Berkley® favorite for over 30 years, redefined. Hybrid design construction delivers un-matched sensitivity with the grip and tactile features of a cork handle make this Cherrywood® the best one yet. 

    • Hybrid design construction for un-matched sensitivity with the security of through handle construction
    • SS304 Guides - 20x tougher and 55% lighter than traditional aluminum oxide guides and are factory tested for dependability
    • Cork handle design for added comfort and grip 
  • G Loomis CBR Series...

    For years, manufacturers have pushed fiberglass rods for crankbaits, claiming graphite rods are too stiff and react too fast to effectively fish a crankbait. That’s a fair statement because fiberglass is softer and much slower reacting. Our philosophy is, why not use the dynamic features of graphite (sensitivity, extreme light weight, faster recovery, etc.) to make a really good, responsive crankbait rod. Material is only one part of the formula, but in the case of our crankbait rods, design is the most important aspect. Our unique "fiber-blend" technology allows us to create cranking rods with all of the advantages of graphite in addition to a nice soft action that’s a lot lighter than its fiberglass counterpart and far less tiring to cast over the course of a day. Additionally, they are much more sensitive, which gives you a huge advantage and you get a rod that will react quick enough to help keep the line tight when a fish makes a sudden, unexpected move. The bottom line is more fish in the boat, with less effort.

  • Quantum Smoke Casting...

    The NEW Quantum Smoke Casting Rod.

    If you're looking for a light weight high performance fishing rod, than look no further than the Quantum Smoke! The Quantum Smoke PT Micro Guide Casting Rods are built with significant weight reduction in mind without sacrificing strength. Micro Guide Technology reduces the weight, while increasing sensitivity at a much lower price point than similar comparable rods. Super sensitive HSX70 high strain graphite blanks feature a split EVA high performance grip to balance the rod. Quantum have also included a patent pending Line Memo dial to mark what pound line you're using. Delivering the ultimate blend of quality, reduced weight and strength, the Quantum Smoke PT line gives you high performance lightweight, sensitive fishing rods at an affordable price! 

  • Shimano SELLUS...


    The all new Sellus series was created for the Bass fisherman. We chose the most popular actions for the hottest techniques used in today's bass fishing. This series offers rods for Crankbait, Spinnerbait, Top Water, Worm, Jig, and a Flipping stick. We use 24 ton carbon for increased sensitivity and its lightweight feel. Newly designed reel seats that will make the rod feel perfect and balance perfectly in your hand.
  • Shimano Nexave...

    Shimano Nexave Baitcasting Rods

  • Shimano Convergence...

    Shimano Convergence Baitcasting Rods

    If you want a great IM-6 Graphite Blank Construction rod, look no further—the Convergence® rod series has all the features that avid anglers need. The extensive line-up of lengths, powers and actions provides anglers with plenty of options to choose from

  • Shimano Caenan...

    Shimano Caenan Batcasting Rod

  • Shimano Stimula Tough...

    Shimano Stimula Tough Baitcaster Rods

    Built Stimula Tough

    The New Shimano AX Baitcaster Series carries on the ZTradition of the Unbreakable Stimula Tough Spinning Rod Legend