Prop Baits


Prop Baits
Prop Baits include hardbaits with propellors that can spin or deflect water when the bait is moved, it is usually used to immitate a feeding frenzy or a hurt fish, easy prey for a large bass

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  • Heddon Baby Torpedo...

    Heddon Baby Torpedo 2.5" 3/8oz

    The Heddon Baby Torpedo is a proven topwater bait that smallmouth and largemouth bass can’t resist. Its single prop spins and spits water. The Baby Torpedo can be worked slowly with twitches and pauses, or reeled constantly at a medium retrieve like a buzzbait. In rivers, work the bait in shallow shoreline water, in eddies, near submerged rocks and in fast-moving riffles for giant smallmouth. In ponds and lakes, pause the Torpedo near wood and weed cover, gently twitching it to entice big largemouth

    SIZE: 2 1/2"

    SPECIES: Bass

    COUNT: 1

    HOOKS: #4

    LURE WEIGHT: 3/8 oz

  • Heddon Tiny Torpedo...

    Heddon Tiny Torpedo 1.7/8" 1/4oz

    The Heddon Tiny Torpedo is a proven topwater bait that smallmouth and largemouth bass can't resist.

    SIZE: 1 7/8 "

    SPECIES: Bass

    COUNT: 1

    HOOKS: #6

    LURE WEIGHT: 1/4 oz

  • Koppers Live Target...

    Koppers Live Target Blueback Herring Double Prop 3 1/2" 5/8oz

    Blueback Herring Double Prop

    Ideal when schooling Herring, Shad, Bluegill are busting the surface. Dual propellers.  Thrusting retrieve generates surface commotion. 

    Pull it slow or work it fast.


    BBP88T – 3 ½” - 5/8oz

    Tips And Techniques 

    The Blueback Herring prop bait is perfect for when Herring are schooling on the surface. Throw the bait past the commotion and retrieve aggressively through the school.

    For more Tips and Techniques look inside every package of LIVETARGET lures.

    This popular bait is a favorite prey to:

    •           Bass