Terminal Tackle


Terminal Tackle

Terminal tackle and fishing gear including your hooks, swivels, weights, beads, rigs etc

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  • Centering Springs /...

    As featured on Twistlock and Spring Lock hooks, these interchangeable stainless steel  Springs attach to hook eyes, and allow any soft plastic bait to be "permanently" secured by inserting the pin in the center of the bait's nose and then screwing the bait onto the coil spring.

  • Snap Swivels
    Snap swivels for easy tackle and technique switching
  • Swivels
    Swivels to reduce line twist and improve casting. Ball bearing and standard available
  • Fishing Weights

    Fishing weights and sinkers for all your angling needs including lead and tungsten

  • Rubber Stoppers

    Rubber Stoppers to hold your baits, sinkers and weights, floats in place

  • KVD Line & Lure...

    KVD Line & Lure Conditioner 120ml

    Pro bass fishermen are always on the lookout for anything that will give us an advantage over our competition. The right lure combined with the proper presentation is key to winning tournaments. Presentation is as much about your equipment working efficiently and consistently as it is about skill. For year's fisherman have relied on silicone based treatments in an effort to reduce line drag and line guide resistance during casting.

    Unfortunately these products rarely have any positive effect on today's more specialized lines and end up making hands and tackle oily and can pollute our lakes and streams. My Line and Lure Conditioner was designed with these new high-tech lines in mind. It will add yards to your casts, reduce casting effort and virtually eliminate the frustrations of backlash and line twists, all without the oily mess and pollution problems associated with silicone oil treatments. This all adds up to casting more accurately, more often. Now isn’t that what we’re all after in the first place.

    Try my Line & Lure Conditioner.   I guarantee that it will improve your casting distance and accuracy 

    • Cast 20% further.......guaranteed!
    • Virtually eliminates line memory, backlash, tangles, and twists
    • Restores new line performance to old tired line
    • Fights saltwater corrosion
    • Leaves no oily residues or scents like other line treatments
    • Contains no polluting petroleum distillates as in other conditioners
    • Fights fading of tackle with high sunscreen
    • Reduces water spotting on electronics & sunglasses
    • Eliminates odors in confined spaces
    • Environmentally safe - non-toxic
    • Superior Fly Line Dressing
    • Unsurpassed performance in ice fishing

    Line & Lure® is specially formulated to make fishing line more manageable and improve casting distance and control.  Line & Lure® also helps protect the outer and inner working parts of your fishing equipment as well as your fishing tackle.

    Follow the instructions below to get the most out of your Line & Lure®.


    To aid in casting:

    Always shake well before use.

    1. Spray to spool, line, and guides. (3 or 4 shots from the spray pump will treat a 200 yard spool of 12 lb. test. You can expect to get over 100 treatments per bottle!)
    2. Allow to dry. (Always let the first application of Line & Lure® dry on the line before use. This sets up a modification to the surface of the line that becomes semi-permanent on the line.)  NOTE:  Do not use Line & Lure® on line previously treated with other line conditioners.  The presence of other sometimes oily line conditioners can adversely affect Line & Lure's® performance.
    3. Reapply as needed.

    Tips for applying to line:

    • Apply during new line spool-up.  Spray Line & Lure® liberally to a small piece of synthetic cloth (e.g. old dress sock--don't use paper towels, cotton or wool). Fold the cloth over the line as you guide the line on the spool. Reposition cloth or refold every 10 -15 yards to assure that the cloth is distributing the liquid evenly and removing any contamination from the line. This works especially well on line used in salt or dirty water. Running off 50 yds of line and "cleaning it" with this technique saves a lot of headaches on salt water reels and really extends the life of the line.

    Other uses:

    • Spray Line & Lure® on the inside of tackle boxes, including all items in the box. Line & Lure® will lubricate the hinges and drawers of the box. The anti-corrosive protection of Line & Lure® will help fight rusting of hooks, pliers and all other metal items, yet leaves no oily residue on items.
    • Treat rod boxes and other confined areas with Line & Lure®. It will keep those areas odor free for weeks.
    • Use Line & Lure® on sunglasses, windshields, instrument panels and fish finder screens. Use of Line & Lure® adds a scratch resistant, dust repelling coating to all plastic surfaces. This coating also helps reduce glare and minimizes water spotting.


  • Tungsten Sinkers

    Tungsten Sinkers and Fishing Weights

    97 % Tungsten

    Lead Free

    Increased Mass / Decreased Volume

    Enhances Presentation for ease of Penetration

    Bullet, Flipping, Drop Shot and Mojo

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  • Eagle Claw Wacky Tool PRODUCT SPECS TOOL SIZE            1/2" Internal Diameter TOOL FINISH      Anodized Red Aluminum CONTAINS          10 Black O-Rings and Tool PACKAGE QTY   1

    In Stock
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