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Topwater Frogs

Topwater Frogs such as the Zoom Horny Toad can be fished over extremely heavy cover with a springlock hook, throw it over the thickest slop and watch those bass smash it through the grass

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  • Zoom Horny Toad

    Bass can't resist striking at fast moving Soft Plastic Frogs and Toads retrieved on the surface either over weed beds, lilly pads or open water. An awesome "REACTION STRIKE" Lure!

  • Big Bite Baits Floatin...

    Floatin Toad

    With the same great buzzing action as the Top Toad it will float a 5/0 Superline. Great when you need to stop the Toad in holes or in pockets.

    Sizes Available:

    SizePack Qty
    3.5″ 4
  • Damiki Air Frog 4"


    The Damiki Air Frog, part of the Bryan Thrift signature series, features 2 hollow air chambers in the arms of the frog that act as floats for the frog. The self-righting design of the frog will always allow the frog to sit on it's belly, ready for a strike. A hook slit combined with 2 large paddle tails incorporated into the legs will allow this frog to be fished in open water or through the thickest of cover. In either situation, the Air Frog is a force to be reckoned with! Sold 4 per pack.


    Length 4” (110mm)

    Quantity : 4 per pack

  • Z-Man Hard Leg FrogZ 4"

    Hard Leg FrogZ™


    Topwater fishing fanatics, rejoice! Our dynamic Hard Leg FrogZ produce a lively, paddle foot swimming action. Extremely buoyant--floating even when rigged with the largest of magnum-sized hooks--this four-inch super amphibian is virtually indestructible and swims easily through the thickest of surface cover.


    • 4", 10X Tough super amphibian that is capable of floating even a heavy wire hook
    • Harder material and oversized paddle legs create tremendous sound and commotion when buzzed on top
    • Recessed hook slot on top and bottom for easy rigging, trouble-free hooksets, and extreme weedlessness
    • Now available in 7 colors
    • 3 FrogZ per pack
    • Made in the USA


  • Z-Man Pop FrogZ 4"

    Pop FrogZ™


    Popping, gurgling, and pushing water with each rod twitch, Pop FrogZ float and maintain a horizontal profile--even when motionless on the water. Available in four- and six-inch sizes, their incredible swimming leg action when retrieved is absolutely deadly on surface feeders. Take your topwater fishing to a whole new level!


    •   10X Tough ElaZtech® construction creates the most durable frog on the market
    •   Stop and pop it on the surface thanks to unparalleled buoyancy
    •   Unique chugging action on a steady retrieve thanks to cupped face and curled legs with paddle feet
    •   4-inch size includes 4 baits per pack, available in 6 colors
    •   6-inch size includes 3 baits per pack, available in 4 colors
    •   Made in the USA
  • Strike King Rage Tail...

    Rage Toad


    Each Rage Tail™ lure has a unique and exclusive tail design and is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. Each is designed with a specific purpose and uses customized hi-grade plastics for superior action. You won't believe the splash, noise or other action that each Rage Tail has!

    All Rage Tail™ baits are packaged in individual clam shell packages to hold its shape until use. This means higher quality and NO deformed bodies!!


    • Best top water soft body frog ever!
    • Rage Toad is best rigged weightless, eyes up, on a 4/0 to 6/0 Wide Gap hook. It can be rigged vertically or horizontally and is the BEST swim jig trailer on the market!
    • Strike King’s Coffee Scent attractant is specially formulated with the finest ingredients available to help give you the competitive edge. Scented with real coffee bean oils, this natural organic scent is incredibly attractive to fish. The coffee scent masks the scents of humans and plastics. 
  • Venom Bully Frog 4"

    Venom Bully Frog 4"

    It’s got it all, lifelike profile, soft bodied, fish catchin colors, legs that splatter the water and leave a wake complete with bubbles. Not only attract game fish, it’ll pull them in and outta that ol hiddy hole. Held up in and put em on the end of your hook.



  • Netbait Paca Toad 5"

    Netbait Paca Toad 5"

    Take a look at the Netbait Paca Frog and you will see a totally different design than most currently available.

    The body of the Netbait Paca Frog features a hollow cavity near the rear of the bait making the Paca Frog extra buoyant so it will rise to and stay on top much easier making it ideal for a slower retrieve.

    The Paca Frog also features the same style arms, but in this case legs that are found on the Paca Frog. These legs put off a great amount of of commotion to draw in explosive strikes!

  • Cull-em Value Series...

    Cull-em Value Series Splashing Frog 3" 3pk

    The Cull-em Splashing Frog measures 3” (7.5cm).

    Green hi-action Frog with easy weedless rigging .

    The Splashing Frogs are supplied 3pcs per pack

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Showing 1 - 24 of 56 items