Bucktail and Hair Jigs


Bucktail and Hair Jigs

Bucktail and Hair Jigs

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  • Venom 1/4 Oz Ron...

    Venom 1/4 Oz Ron Yurko's $ 100 000 Finesse Hair Jig

    FIVE BASS BOATS, A NEW TRUCK, OVER ONE-MILLION DOLLARS IN CAREER WININGS - AS AN AMATEUR! Ron Yurko Is A Fishing Phenom And The Majority Of His Success Can Be Attributed To Ron’s Little Jig - THE YURKO JIG. Virtually Weedless In All Situations - Its Particularly Suited To Brush And Bush Fishing But Don’t Let That Dissuade You From Using It In All Fishing Applications.  Available In Ron’s Original Size 1/4 Ounce, In Three Fish Catching Colors; Brown - Black - Green Pumpkin

    These Are The ONLY Finesse Jigs You’ll Ever Need - Or For That Matter, Any Jig You’ll Need For All Jig Fishing Applications