Treble Hooks


Treble Hooks

New replacement trebble hooks for hard baits allowing you to change out old hooks and upgrade to better new hooks to guarantee a decent hook set on fish

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  • Gamakatsu Treble EWG

    Treble Hooks, Extra Wide Gap (EWG), Short Shank

    Gamakatsu's new Short Shank EWG (Extra Wide Gap) Treble is different from top-to-bottom. For crankbaits of all types --- there's nothing better --- it's the perfect replacement hook. First, we opened the points of this treble up slightly for even better hooking performance. The Short Shank EWG Treble converts those fish that slash at your bait into sure hook-ups. The shorter shank and wide gap design provides less room for fish to throw the hook. In fact, this attribute actually wedges the fish between the hook and the's the ultimate in fish holding, which means fish landing, performance.

    That's not all. Gamakatsu's Short Shank EWG Treble features Gamakatsu's exclusive "Magic Eye" that makes changing hooks a breeze. Also, the hook's inline points run parallel to the bait creating a perfect balance point so your crankbaits run perfectly.

    Magic Eye Barb Extra Wide Gap

  • Mustad Ultrapoint...

    The Mustad TG76BLN "Ultra-Point" Kevin Van Dam Elite Treble Hook features an opti-angle needle points which are chemically sharpened for superior penetration.

    These 2x short 1x strong treble hooks are great replacements for standard hooks found on crankbaits jerkbaits and virtually any lure with trebles. Kevin Van Dam and Mustad developed these hooks for the toughest fishing conditions.

    The advanced hook design ensures a 100% full power hookset with the TG76BLN.

  • VMC Scorpic Treble Hooks

    VMC 8536BN Scorpic Treble

    Hook designed by US black-bass tournament anglers. Highly efficient when assembled on the belly of a lure. Limits loss during the fight.
    Pack Hook Size
    5's 8
    5's 6
    5's 4

    8538BN Scorpic 3X Strong Treble

    Perfect for Large Bass & other big fish. A popular choice among serious US anglers. Limits loss during the fight.
    Pack Hook Size
    5's 2
    5's 1
    5's 1/0
    5's 2/0